10 Popular Ruby Gems for Ruby on Rails application Development

RubyGems are the packages or we can also say they are the libraries made up in ruby language for programming. This provides the standard format for proper usage of ruby language code within several applications. This format is said to be GEMS, in rails environment. GEMS can be installed and managed very easily into Rails application. Every gem has its own name according to its properties and different versions as well as platforms. It contains specific functionality and many assets and files of that functionality. For every functionality of ROR application, there are gems present on Github.

There are some GEMS that are mandatory for building highly efficient and DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) supporting Ruby on rails application


DEVISE gem is used for user management and authentication of ROR applications. No matter what type of app you’re developing, it would have a login and sign up page. It requires authentication and authorization for the end users who try to login into the app. DEVISE gem is used for authentication for Rails apps. It allows the developers to have multiple models signed at the same time and solves the problem of lengthy coding for maintaining the sessions. This is a wonderful option that provides all the required properties used for login and signup method.


Pry Rails is a great debugging gem for Ruby on rails applications. This gem features powerful commands, syntax highlighting, and a lot of other important aspects for debugging the apps. Developers may find it annoying to have bugs in the RoR apps at the time of development. The project can be stuck due to the bugs found in an app. PRY gem helps to debug line by line and prevent such issues in the written code.


CanCanCan is an authorization library for Ruby on rails. It helps to manage the access restrictions for some specific users. The permissions can be defined and it also prevents duplicated views, controllers, and database queries. One can place this gem and handle all the different types of settings related to authorization of ROR apps.


Paperclip is an easy file attachment library for ActiveRecord. It helps to upload files easily in very less time. For working with paperclip another important gem to be added prior to it is IMAGEMAGICK.


When there is email sending functionality added to the application that can be found in every second application nowadays, it gets very annoying to get emails in development environment for testing it. So here comes the gem LETTER_OPENER that is majorly used by developers for opening mails sent by testing environment in the browser so as to get the view of how the mail will work on the live website.


For any Rails application, the most important part is admin and its management. Any of the actions performed at the front part by end users has to be tracked by the admin. For this purpose, the admin panel has to be styled in the user friendly and secure manner. Active admin is the gem used for building such kind of interfaces that make it easy for developers to create and manage the admin of the application easily.


If one needs to write test cases either for models, views or controllers, then the most efficient gem is RSPECS. This testing framework is used in both TDD and BDD environments.


It is the ruby library that normalizes multi-provider authentication for rails application. Omniauth can used with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Twitter and many more applications for using their authentication properties. One has to create the account on their developer’s website and use the authentication token into the rails application for logging in.


Standard page that appears in the rails application provides the error message in the normal format, where sometimes it gets difficult to find the actual error. That’s when this gem comes into picture. BETTER_ERROE helps you avail the detailed description of what went wrong with the code that generated the error in the application. It gives the UI for getting logs of every error that appears with RoR development.


This gem is used in the application when the background working is required in the application, so as not to affect the front end tasks. Like if admin needs to send “n” number of emails at the same time to all users associated with the application, then if delayed_jobs is added, it sends all the mails in backend. If not used, then while sending mails admin has to wait for completing all the mailing process and he cannot perform any other task.

Gems are highly modular and perform a specific function. One can choose the right gem to build an outstanding Ruby on Rails application. Get to know the top reasons to choose RoR for app development

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